New Feature: Input device support Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 10:49:53 +0530  |  Posted by: Anup Patel

We have input device support available in Xvisor. Any device used to provide human input e.g. keyboard, mouse, touch screen, joystick, etc is termed as input device.

The Xvisor input device driver framework is highly Linux compatible and in-fact we have ATx keyboard driver in Xvisor ported from Linux ATx keyboard driver with minimal change. This means adding new input device drivers to Xvisor very easy and we will port input device drivers as required from Linux source.

The Linux input device framework provides: input device (i.e. devices that generate input events), input handlers (i.e. entities which are interested in monitoring input events), input handles (i.e. per-input device context used by input handlers or a connection between input device and input handler).

The Xvisor input device framework provides: input device (i.e. linux compatible input device that generate input events) and input handler (i.e. xvisor specific entities interested in monitoring input events). We dont support input handles in Xvisor and also our input handlers are much more simpler compared to Linux input device framework.

In future, we will use "input handlers" to implement input device emulators (i.e. keyboard/mouse emulators) for Guest OSes.