Xvisor v0.3.2 Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2023 18:39:42 +0530  |  Posted by: Anup Patel

In this release, we have new features, improvements, and drivers which mainly target RISC-V and x86 ports.

New Features:

  • Added vmm_host_irqdomain_xlate_twocells() API
  • Added vmm_smp_map_cpuid() API
  • Improved defterm polling in vmm_scanchars()
  • Added alloc() and free() in vmm_host_irqdomain operations
  • Allow irqchip drivers to mark chained interrupts
  • Added custom action APIs in device resource management
  • Added vmm_scheduler_irq_regs() API
  • Added endianness helper macros for long data type

New Commands:

  • Added "host poke" sub-command for "host" command
  • Added "memory iodump8" sub-command for "memory" command
  • Added "memory iodump16" sub-command for "memory" command
  • Added "memory iodump32" sub-command for "memory" command

New Drivers:

  • Added AIA support in the RISC-V INTC driver
  • Added RISC-V Advanced PLIC (APLIC) driver
  • Added RISC-V incoming MSI controller (IMSIC) driver
  • Added Sstc support in the RISC-V timer driver

New Emulators:

  • No change

New Boards:

  • No change

All Ports:

  • Generic arch mechanism to get guest page table mapping
  • Generic arch attributes and hardware tag for each page table

ARM Ports:

  • No change

ARM32ve Port:

  • No change

ARM64 Port:

  • No change

RISC-V Port:

  • Linux style RISC-V flat image header
  • Nested virtualization support
  • Sv57 support for Host
  • Sv57x4 support for Guest/VM
  • Gather and print stats for normal VCPU
  • Implement SBI v1.0 for Guest/VM
  • Sstc nested virtualization support

x86 Port:

  • Framebuffer support for early prints
  • Direct ljmp instruction decoding
  • Emulate PAM registers for Guest/VM
  • Sub-system level logging facility