Xvisor v0.2.10 Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2017 11:54:04 +0530  |  Posted by: Anup Patel

In this release, we primarily have new features, drivers, and emulators.

New Features:

  • Multiple mappings for a guest region
  • SPI virtualization framework
  • VirtIO host driver framework
  • Backlog in block device request queue
  • Customizable default affinity for hypervisor threads
  • Colored RAM/ROM regions for guest
  • Shared memory framework
  • Shared RAM/ROM regions for guest
  • Virtual messaging framework (EXPERIMENTAL)

New Commands:

  • guest region_list sub-command
  • shmem command
  • vmsg command

New Drivers:

  • VirtIO host MMIO transport driver
  • VirtIO host block driver
  • Generic DT-based cache color driver
  • SMSC95xx usb network driver (EXPERIMENTAL)

New Emulators:

  • GPIO based power emulator
  • GPIO forward slave emulator
  • PL022 SPI host controller emulator
  • VirtIO RPMSG emulator (EXPERIMENTAL)

New Boards:

  • Added Renesas R-Car H2 Lager board support

ARM Ports:

  • GICv3 support in VGIC emulator

ARM32 Port:

  • No change

ARM32ve Port:

  • No change

ARM64 Port:

  • No change

x86 Port:

  • No change