Xvisor v0.2.5 Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 21:26:54 +0530  |  Posted by: Anup Patel

In this release, we have new features, drivers, and emulators.

New Features:

  • Hub or repeater policy based netswitch
  • Generic pluggable loadbalancer
  • PCI emulation framework
  • Linux-compatible red-black tree library
  • Generic buddy allocator library
  • Linux-compatible radix tree library
  • Linux-compatible GPIO driver framework
  • Linux-compatible Pinmux driver framework
  • Linux-compatible device resource managment APIs
  • Sampling interrupt processing time in scheduler
  • Sampling idle time in scheduler
  • Extended Host IRQ APIs

New Commands:

  • vcpu orphan_list and vcpu normal_list sub-commands
  • vfs fdt_load and vfs run sub-commands

New Drivers:

  • Sun4i EMAC driver
  • Sunxi pinctrl driver

New Emulators:

  • PCI shared memory device emulator
  • i440fx PCI host controller emulator
  • MC146818 RTC emulator
  • i8259 PIC emulator
  • Legacy Intel 8254 PIT emulator
  • Intel LAPIC emulator

ARM Ports:

  • Full device-tree based generic board support
  • PSCI based SMP operations for host
  • Defterm early prints for early debugging
  • Added PSCI v0.2 emulation all guests

ARM 32-bit Port:

  • Support booting on VExpress-A15 fast model
  • Added i.MX6 Saberlite support
  • Add separate VTLB zone for low exception vectors
  • Faster map/unmap pages for VTLB emulation
  • Avoid redundant TLB invalidates while managing VTLB

ARM 32-bit with VE Port:

  • Added Sun7i Cubieboard2 support
  • Low-level context switching for normal VCPUs

ARM 64-bit Port:

  • Low-level context switching for normal VCPUs
  • Trap data cache operation by set/way
  • Optimized memcpy and memset implementation

x86_64 Port:

  • Able to boot coreboot BIOS as guest with FILO payload